Nathan Sawaya: Building Sculptures, Brick by Brick New Post

Written by Sean General

November 28, 2022

LEGO, the famous toy bricks, is derived from the Danish words Leg Godt, meaning Play Well. Brick by brick, award-winning artist Nathan Sawaya raised the bar for playing well. He is the first artist to build Contemporary Art with common LEGO bricks. All of his sculptures’ bricks are found in any toy store. From building small artworks for his clientele, he now crafts large-scale sculptures, which are globally toured in his exhibition, The Art of the Brick. His LEGO bricks sculptures marries the mundane with the surreal; and the playful child and the discerning adult in us.

Watch the a short video of Sawaya’s the Art of the Brick exhibit and relive your childhood.

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Sources: Lego (YouTube), The Brick Artist, Lego.com
Photo Credit: @Hollywood (YouTube)

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