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True Love: How to Give It and Receive It

by AristeoNYC + SeanG

Love is a confusing word.

What do you really mean when you say, “I love you?”

You can love pizza. And you can love your spouse or partner.

Certainly, your love for pizza is not the same love as for your partner.

Your love for pizza is an expression on how much you love this food.

So what is True Love for your partner or spouse?

Real Love is Agape

 Agape (ah-GAH-peh) is a Greek word for the highest form of love.

It is more than simple feelings.

Love is an attitude expressed in unconditional actions.

It is an action; it is your choice to do it.

What is Agape, exactly?

In simple terms, Agape is to provide and to protect yourself and your partner in these 4 key areas.

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit
  • Relationships

Do you Agape-Love your partner or spouse?

If you Agape-Love your partner, you would encourage him or her to be the best version of his or herself regarding the key areas above.

You can provide different ways to help your partner grow and mature.

Spend more time together.

Learn new skills together.

Exercise together.

Pray together.

Also, if you Agape-Love your partner, you would protect him or her from the wrong choices that would lead him or her away from being his or her best.

Meditate togther to relieve stress.

Eat healthy food together.

Pray together often.

Make “real friends” together.

So how much do you love your spouse or partner?

How deep is your love?

Do you Agape-Love him or her?

We at SDGchannel Agape-Love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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