Give These 5 Essential Christmas Gifts That Last a Lifetime


Christmas is a special season for celebrating Jesus Christs’ birth and giving gifts to our friends and family. What gifts are you giving this season? New kitchenware for your spouse, cool toys for your children, the latest gadget for your friend? These are nice gestures but these gifts will eventually brake or become obsolete.

Do you want to give gifts that last your family’s and friends’ lifetime? These gifts cannot be touched by our hands but by our hearts. Here are 5 essential gifts that you should give your family and friends this Holiday season and throughout 2017.


Give Your Time


Time is our most valuable resource because we can never turn back the clock. We often here, “I’ll make time for…” But this prioritizes less  on those that truly matter: family and friends. Instead, make time for them because our time on earth is limited. Play with your children; they will only be kids once. Savor each moment with your spouse; you’ll never know when you’ll will part ways. Have adventures with your friends; you’re not getting any younger.


Share Your Talents and Skills


One of the keys to happiness is sharing our talents skills with friends and family. Teaching your kids life skills, like cooking, is one the best gifts you can give them. This will teach them to be independent when they grow up. You won’t have to worry about them starving when they move out.

Their success is your success. Their happiness is your happiness.


Lend Your Ears


What is everyone’s favorite topic? Ourselves. It’s natural to love talking about ourselves. But when everyone talks, no one listens. When no one listens, no one understands each other.

In strengthening relationships, being a great listener is more important than talking. Learn more of your family’s and friends’ interests, dreams, and secrets. And your relationship will become much deeper.


Give Hope


Stressed out? Afraid of paying your bills late? Worried that your children won’t graduate? In troubling times, we may become pessimistic and depressed. We may not see a way out of our situation because we are too focused on our problems, not on the solutions.

This is why we need our family and friends to be our confidantes. They give us hope, a fresh perspective, and new ways to pull ourselves out of trouble.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Return the favor when your friend needs a message of hope and a helping hand.


Share Happiness


We can’t be in a good mood all time. Share a joke with your family or friends. Making them laugh will make you both feel better.


The best gifts are not touched by our hands but by our heart.


Merry Christmas and Happy and a Happy New Year!

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