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Real Beauty Lessons from 2015 Mutya ning San Fernando

by Sean G

Have you wondered what a Beauty Queen does after winning a beauty pageant? She usually takes an oath to fulfill her responsibilities, imbibes the pageant’s virtues, and becomes a role model to the youth. To outsiders, these promises seem hazy and up in the air. We can best understand a Beauty Queen’s role through her actions.

Lakan at Mutya Ning San Fernando (Mr. & Ms. San Fernando) is a prestigious event in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga. Every year, a panel of judges screens young men and women who best imbibe the city’s virtues. SDGchannel interviewed 2015’s winner, Roxanne Sarmiento, and gathered her insights on Real Beauty.

What are your most memorable experiences as Ms. San Fernando 2015?

“My most memorable experience was joining Mutya ning Kapampangan, a prestigious beauty pageant that represents the entire province of Pampanga. It was an honor and a great responsibility to represent my city, San Fernando.”

Then I graced environmental events, such as Earth Hour. These were important opportunities for me to show my support for caring for Mother Earth.

I also joined the Independence Day parade with the San Fernando City officials and the military. This was my first time to join a parade while wearing this prestigious crown and sash.

Roxanne graces the Independence Day parade at the City of San Fernando.

What lessons have you learned during your reign?

“I should always believe in myself. I can conquer all obstacles with the help of God and by being optimistic. To be a Beauty Queen, you must have Real Beauty. Real Beauty is anything that shares the likeness of GOD. This includes the cleanliness of the body, the pureness of heart and soul, and the goodness of deeds.”

Hours before her reign ends, Roxanne graces Mutya ning San Fernando 2016.

What are your plans after your reign as Ms. San Fernando?

“I want to stabilize my career first. I will continue to do my modeling projects, including shows and photo shoots. I will consider joining national beauty pageants, if and when GOD gives me the opportunities to enter.”

What is your advice to Mutya Ning San Fernando 2016, Camille Franco?

“Just be yourself… and always ask for the guidance from our almighty GOD. When GOD is involved, everything will be all right.”

Photo Credits: SDGchannel, Roxanne Sarmiento (Facebook)



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