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Intranasal Light Therapy Heals Filipino Patients’ Many Diseases

by Sean G

People strive to be healthy but modern lifestyles, pollution, and poor choices hinder them from becoming their ideal selves. A new therapeutic device was developed to boost one’s vigor while facing these challenges.

Menlo Health and Wellness Innovations Inc., in partnership with Canada-based VieLight Inc., is introducing non-invasive Photobiomodulation technology (Intranasal Light Therapy) to the Philippines. Photobiomodulation is a medical technique that uses low-frequency infrared light to help cells recover faster.

VieLight CEO Lew Lim, PhD and Menlo Health and Wellness Innovations CEO Gino Bonifacio sign their Memorandum of Agreement for distributing Photobiomodulation technology in the Philippines.

VieLight founder & CEO Lew Lim, PhD invented several Intranasal Light Therapy equipment for home use. A naturopathic doctor and engineer, Lim believes that health should be approached holistically. “Our body naturally wants to heal itself through proper nutrition and, exercise, and rest. Our devices boost our circulatory and immune systems for a faster recovery.”

Lew Lim, PhD share his insights on how low-level infrared light can treat many systemic and neurological diseases.

Lew Lim, PhD shows how low-level infrared light is used for treatments.

VieLight devices are clipped on the patient’s nose because five major arteries connect to it. This is also an ideal location for brain recovery.

Two guests use the 655 Prime 25-minute treatment. This improves blood circulation and the immune system.

VieLight’s Devices in the Philippines. (Left to Right) 655 Prime, 810 Infared, NeURO.

The 655 Prime is for systemic diseases, including Cancer, Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, and Asthma. It decreases blood viscosity, improving blood circulation and the immune system.

The 810 Infrared is for neurological illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Autism, Down Syndrome, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, and Migraines. Its infrared light directly penetrates the brain for recovery. Worn on the patient’s head, the NeURO is for severe neurological cases.

Discovery Channel’s Health Briefs Documentary featured VieLight’s effective treatments. Watch the video below on how Intranasal Light Therapy helps patients.

VieLight devices are now available in the Philippines through Menlo Health and Wellness Innovations Inc. Visit their website for more info on Intranasal Light Therapy.

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