The New You For The New Year


Happy New Year!

 Since this is the season for New Year resolutions, I suggest a new way of thinking on self-improvement. Instead of making a list of “things to do”, let’s make a list of “persons to be. Transforming ourselves into better persons develops us holistically.

Here are the three persons whom I want to become in 2016.

1 Be a more caring brother, son, friend, and lover. I will spend more time with my friends and family. Time is the most precious resource. Like a luscious garden, health, trust, and relationships will not keep if not attended to.

Friends 001

2. Be a better listener. That world has too many talkers and not enough listeners. We often fail to connect with others because we are busy preparing what to say next. Also, we cannot learn from better and wiser people while my mouth is open.

Cafe 001

3. Be a healthier person, spiritually, physically, and mentally. To fully maximize my potential, I need to be healthier in all three areas. I will be more conscious of what I eat and make time to work out.  Also, there is productivity in silence. I will give myself a few more minutes to calm my mind and connect with God.

Athlete performing squat with barbell

Who do you want to be in 2016?




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