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Emma Watson’s Eco-Friendly Fashion Statement

Emma Watson, famous for playing Hermione in Harry Potter, is making another name for herself in ethical and sustainable fashion.

Designed by Calvin Klein and Eco-Age, Watson’s custom-made and fully sustainable gown turned heads at the 2016 Met Gala with. Most of the fabric is made of Newlife, a yarn made from 100 percent post-consumer plastic bottles. The inner bustier has organic cotton. The lining is organic silk. The zippers contain recycled materials.

Watson’s gown is not just a gown. It can be taken apart into various re-wearable components. Her trousers and bustier can be used on their own. Her train can be used for a future red carpet look.

A staunch supporter of the #30Wears campaign, Watson encourages consumers to reuse their clothes for at least 30 times. Watson looks forward to maximizing her Met Gala gown’s pieces.


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