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Special Screening: Award-Winning “The Landscape Within”

by Sean G

People cope with the loss in many ways. Some isolate themselves; others surround themselves with family and friends. Some go soul searching; others become workaholics.

Artist Eric Cabales grieves over his father’s death.

Artist Eric Nui Cabales struggles to find new directions after his father’s death. The Landscape Within, a multi award-winning documentary, follows Eric’s journey of healing and spiritual rebirth. With a strong desire to move forward, Eric finds his purpose through his Arts: Body-painting, Costume Design, and Photography. Eric’s ancestral land (Negros Occidental), where the Kayama river meets the sea, becomes his new playground for creative exploration and.

Directed by Andrea Capranic and produced by Darlene Malimas, this garnered many international awards, including:

  • Best Cinematography, Byron Bay IFF Australia
  • Best Documentary, 34th Chicago Reeling International Filmfest
  • Best Sound, Apollo Awards Singapore

In partnership with Revenge.ph, The Landscape Within will have a special screening on November 26, 7 pm, and on November 27, 3 pm at Pineapple Lab, 6071 Palma Street, Barangay Poblacion, Makati City. This event includes the following activities:

  • Film Screening
  • Q&A with director Andrea Capranic, producer Darlene Malimas and artist Eric Cabales
  • Body Painting Live Exhibit
  • Painting & Photo Exhibit by Eric Cabales

All art works at this event are for sale. The tickets are Php 500.

Please visit Revenge.ph or The Landscape Within‘s Facebook page for more details.

Watch the trailer below and attend the special screening and be inspired by Eric’s spiritual healing.

Sources: TheLandscapeWithin.com, Vimeo (Andrea Capranico)
Photo Credits: Andrea Capranic, Darlene Malimas, Eric Cabales


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