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A Cut Above the Rest: Hair Food Co.’s Growing Success

by Sean G

“Carefully listen and observe your customers’ needs, wants, and frustrations. They are your greatest resource for business success,”

Hair Food Co. founder Ralph Layco preached at Beauty and Wellness Manila, the Philippine’s first beauty and cosmetics expo.

At his barbershop, he observed his customers’ frustrations on balding, thinning, and salt and peppered hair. Determined to help his customers, he traveled abroad to research and develop products that effectively restore hair.

Ralph Layco shares Hair Food Co.’s story at Beauty and Wellness Manila.

Layco believes that his products should be effective and completely safe for human consumption. With natural ingredients from abroad, HairFood Co.’s products are free from harmful chemicals that disrupt hormones, and damage skin, and cause cancer.

Layco shares his insights at Beauty and Wellness Manila.

Layco shares Hair Food Co.’s products with a Beauty and Wellness Manila visitor.

With his sister, Helen Kaye Layco, they opened their first store at SM City, General Santos, Philippines. Pressured with limited funds, and a pricy 3-month lease, they started their business with 20 units for restoring hair loss. Their first batch sold out in the first month.

Hair Food Co.’s first store and staff in SM City, General Santos City, Philippines

Hair Reborn products: (left to right) Conditioner, Booster Shampoo, and Advanced Scalp Tonic.

A Hair Food Co. customer is impressed with its effective products.

Learning about Hair Reborn’s efficacy, women flocked their store to solve their hair problems. He then developed solutions for women, including Argan, Sunflower, and Rosehip oils.

Hair Food Co. Oils for Women: (Left to Right) Argan, Sunflower, and Rosehip.

Hair Food Co. now has 14 stores, nationwide, and is available online via Lazada. Ralphy Layco is a young model for aspiring entrepreneurs. His hands-on leadership, determination to innovate, and sincere concern for customers are the best ways to succeed.

Ralph Layco and Hair Food Co.’s joins the Beauty and Wellness Manila Expo.

Editor’s Note: Thank you Beauty and Wellness Manila for introducing SDGchannel to Ralph Layco and Hair Food Co.

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